Project management best practices

Poor project management is a deciding factor in the failure of many companies. Some projects fail because they are spectacularly stupid ideas. A finishing school for future game show hostesses is an idea that deserves to fail. On the other hand, many projects based on viable ideas also fail. One of the most spectacular information…

Project management fundementals

What defines project management? Project management is the discipline (or art or science, depending who you talk to about it) of planning, organizing and managing resources with the goal of meeting specific objectives related to the project. These objectives are often referred to as constraints. Constraints generally involve a magic triangle with three points –…

Stop multitasking

If you are reading this, chances are that you are awash in a sea of information. Most of that information is useless data. Some of it is highly refined junk. If this information were a food product, it would be filled with high fructose corn syrup. A human being can only digest so much information.…

Ubiquitous information

Use tools to enhance your brain’s faulty memory As human beings, we lose little pieces of our reality all the time. Names, phone numbers, the mental image of what someone looks like. These things all disappear over time because our brain is designed to hold onto what is now and let go of what has…

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